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Learn how to submit your text for an article in a publication.

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First of all, go to your dashboard. If you already have a prepaid article, it should be visible in the upper part of the open pressroom. If you have not bought anything yet, check how the whole process works on PRNEWS.IO here: https://help.prnews.io/en/articles/6948325

The Text Submission Process

To start the submission process, click "SUBMIT TEXT" or choose to which article you want to add your text.

Now, you should see the 4-part submission form consisting of:

  1. The text title field

  2. The full text field (with options for editing)

  3. Attachments part for images

  4. The embargo deadline

The text title and the text itself are required to fill. In this step, make sure you follow the conditions of a chosen publication. You can find them at the top of the form.

Next, click the "Publish" button. After clicking "Publish", you won't be able to change the text because it was already sent to the publisher for approval. If your text is not in the final stage or needs to be rewritten, instead of clicking "Publish", you can click the "Save" button and return to it later.

Additional Services for Your Text

PRNEWS.IO has a few additional services to help you with your text:

  • Writing

  • Expert Writing

  • Rewriting

  • Text Translation

  • Text Adjustment

You can learn more about these services here: https://help.prnews.io/en/articles/6951152

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