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I Received an Order, What Should I Do With It?
I Received an Order, What Should I Do With It?
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To start publication management you need to login into your Publisher account.

On the control panel, you have the ability to switch between the Client's and the Publisher's Accounts.

The Orders panel displays a list of orders to be executed. New orders have an Under review status. To review the article, click on Name or go to Action.

Please note some orders have the Under embargo label. This means that article cannot be published until a specified time.

You will not be able to send the link to the customer before the specified date.

If you received an order without an embargo, please post it as soon as possible.

Please note order status will automatically change from "Under Review" to "In Progress" after you review the task details.

Use the Download button, which will allow you to quickly download the text of the article in doc or html format.

If the article is acceptable for your website, please publish it as soon as possible or according to the customer's desired date. Once the article is published, you need to send the link to the customer for approval. To do this, click Publish and add a link to the publication in the submission form.

If necessary, you can send the order for Disapprove or send a message to the customer in Сhat to clarify the details of your order.

Just one remark, please don't discuss prices with the clients in Chat. All payment questions should be discussed with the managers of PRNEWS.IO.

Though feel free to send some comments or remarks regarding the content there.

We'll email you a message about an order update or a customer response to your chat request.

Also, you have the option to Decline the order if the text of the article is unacceptable for your website. Please, feel free to specify the reason for declined order.

If you published the article and sent a confirmation link to the customer, the order status will change to Awaiting Approval.

The revenue amount will be credited to your balance immediately after confirmation of the order by the client. If the client doesn’t confirm it in three working days, the order will be confirmed automatically. We will email you a notification when the customer confirms the order.

How to withdraw funds?

To Withdraw funds from your publisher balance, you must submit a request through the dashboard.

Before that please check or add your Billing Information.

Define the transaction type as Individual or Business and fill in the required information.

Add one of the suggested payment methods.

Once you've added your billing information and determined your payment method, you can safely proceed to Withdrawal.

  • Click on the Withdraw;

  • Select the payment method you previously added;

  • Indicate the amount;

  • If you use a Wire Transfer, you need to attach the Invoice;

  • Click on the Payout.

In the Transactions section, you can track the payment status. Usually, it takes 1 - 5 banking days, depending on the method of payment.

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