To start publication management you need to login into your account, click on the gear on the control panel, and select Publication management.

A new order will have Under review status. To view the article, click on Action.

Please note: some orders come with the Under embargo! note, this means that this article cannot be published until a specified time.

If you are ready to publish thу article on your website click on In Progress.

If the article is not OK, you should Disapprove or Decline the order.

Click Disapprove when you are ready to publish the article after additional information or edits. If you don’t want to publish the article at all — click Decline. In both cases specify the reason.

You can clarify details on the article in the chat with a client.

Please don’t discuss the cost, don’t send contacts and details of our cooperation. If the cost has changed or a surcharge is required, please let us know by mail, support chat, or Skype.

After the article is published, click Publish.

Insert the link into the form.

Now the client must confirm the order, until then the order will have the Awaiting confirmation status.

The revenue amount will be credited to your balance immediately after confirmation of the order by the client. If the client doesn’t confirm it for three days, the order will be confirmed automatically.

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