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How to publish an article with PRNEWS.IO

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PRNEWS.IO provides you with a huge variety of direct offers from publications worldwide in different languages without mediators. Because of it, the publishing process is straightforward to follow.

To kick things off, start from the marketplace and choose publications and offered formats suitable for your needs. You can learn more about how the marketplace works: Then, after you decide what you need, add it to the cart and make the purchase.

If the purchase goes successfully, you will see a prepaid article in the dashboard with the prompt to submit text. Text to submit should follow the conditions of the publication format. More on the text submission process can be learnt:

After you have submitted a text, you should wait for approval from the publication side. Usually, it takes up to 24 hours.

Now there are two scenarios to follow:

  • If the publication has declined your text, they should provide reasons so you can make amends or discuss it with them directly via chat

  • If your text was approved, you should wait until the text is published.

The final step is to approve a published article. Bear in mind if you don't approve it in 48 hours, PRNEWS.IO does it automatically.

When an article is published, you should look into how it goes. If you feel you don't achieve goals with your article, PRNEWS.IO can provide you additional services aiming to get more views or more links and mentions (

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