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Take a look at the PRNEWS.IO Marketplace structure and features

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PRNEWS.IO Marketplace accumulates dozens of thousands of publications suitable for different goals and needs. So whether you want to increase brand awareness or get mentions of yourself on PRNEWS.IO, you can fulfil it.

Let’s get to know the Marketplace basic and how to start to use it.

The Marketplace Structure

Open the Marketplace and take a look at its structure. Basically, it consists of the following:

  1. The search field

  2. The sorting options

  3. The views

  4. The bookmarks

  5. The filters

  6. Shown publications.

By default, the Marketplace shows you the list of publications we think is proper for you according to different criteria.

If you need to find a particular publication (for example, Forbes), you should go to the search field. But if you don’t know where exactly you want an article, use the combinations of filters and sorting options to find the proper publication.

Moreover, if you struggle with sorting options in the default card view, try to switch to a different view. On the screenshot below, you can see the advanced view with additional sorting options.

You can add an article to the cart straight from the Marketplace. Or, if you still need more information to decide, you can click on a publication to see all the details they have provided. It includes:

  • The detailed description

  • Conditions

  • SEO metrics

  • Categories

  • Sample article

  • Visits and Engagement metrics

  • Geography

Most of the time, this information is enough to know if the publication suits you. After adding an article to the cart, click the “Checkout” button in the header to buy it.

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