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Marketplace Sorting Options
Marketplace Sorting Options

Check how to sort media in the Marketplace

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How Media Are Sorted by Default

When you apply no sorting options, you can see the default media we think you might find interesting. The ranking system relies on different criteria like geolocation, price, visits, number of purchases, etc. Note that we constantly update how the ranking system to suit our clients better.

Basic Sorting Options

By default, when you go to the PRNEWS.IO Marketplace, you see the card view with the basic sorting options at the top:

  • Recommended

  • New

  • Audience.


This sorting option says for itself. You can sort out by how likely we’d recommend media to you. It is based on a variety of criteria, and we constantly seek ways to improve our recommendation system.


Sorting by the New option, you can check the last added to PRNEWS.IO Marketplace media.


By clicking on the Audience sorting option, you can choose by what audience segments to sort media. Here are all available audience segmentations you can sort by:

  • All Traffic (the total number of media visitors)

  • Direct Traffic (the number of visitors who type a media URL into the address bar or choose it from their bookmarks)

  • Referral Traffic (the number of visitors who come to media from search engines like Google or Bing)

  • Search Traffic (the number of visitors who come to media from other resources rather than directly or from search)

  • Social Traffic (the number of visitors who come to media from social media networks)

  • Audience by Country (the number of visitors from a particular country)

All data on visitors is gathered from SimilarWeb.

Advanced Sorting Options

If you go to the advanced view of the Marketplace, you can find a lot more sorting options and abilities to mix them together.

All available advanced sorting options include:

  • Price

  • Visits

  • Social Traffic

  • Direct Traffic

  • Referral Traffic

  • Search Traffic

  • Majestic Citation Flow

  • Majestic Trust Flow

  • Moz Domain Authority

  • Text Size

  • Number of Links

  • Ahrefs Domain Rating

  • Organic Traffic By Ahrefs

  • Trust Rank

  • Recommended

  • Date Added (means the same as New in the basic options)

  • Cost Per Thousand

  • Estimated Views.

Some of them are the same as the basic ones. The meaning of others is covered in the articles about filters:

There are a few tricks to know about how to work with the advanced sorting options.

You can sort it out by up to four sorting options at the same time. When you see the dot near a chosen sorting option, it means that no sorting is turned on for this column. The arrows ↑ and ↓ indicate ascending and descending sorting, respectively.

Remember that the very left column has the highest priority amongst all four of them, and the very right one is the lowest one.

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