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How Additional Services Can Help
How Additional Services Can Help

PRNEWS.IO additional services helping to publish and promote articles

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PRNEWS.IO offers various additional services to help you write an article and promote them after they are published.

PRNEWS.IO Writing Services

In case you need help with writing or any other editing of your texts, you can buy one or more additional writing services offered by PRNEWS.IO. You can find them in two places right before an article purchase:

  • On a publication page, along with the checkout button

  • After you click the “Checkout” button right before choosing a payment option.

Promoting Services

After you publish an article, you should promote it more intensely with more views or links to your article in other publications. Unlike writing services, promoting services can be found not only before you buy an article but also after.

To achieve your promotion goals faster, you can buy a Promo Boost (

Another option is to buy more links mentioning your article in other publications with the Link Wheel service (

To get more views, follow the instructions:

  1. Open the Dashboard

  2. Find an article you want to get more views on

  3. Choose how many additional views you need

  4. Click “Checkout”

Also, if you worry that your text might be removed from a publication, you have the option to buy our Guarantee service (

To learn more about the additional service PRNEWS.IO can offer, follow the link (

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