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PRNEWS.IO lets you buy placements in seven formats:

  1. Article

  2. Contributor Post

  3. Interview

  4. Mention

  5. Native Ads

  6. Paid news

  7. Press Release.

To make sure the media will accept your content, choose the right format for your needs. For more information about how to choose the right type of content for specific purposes, visit our blog post:


An article is written by a publication's staff writers or journalists. It covers news, features, opinions, and more to inform or entertain readers.

Contributor Post

This is a posting on a website via a contributor—a guest author. The contributor does not own the website and, therefore, cannot influence what is published. Hence, the conditions, prices, and terms of posting may vary. Editors can add other links to the article. The article will be available only via direct link. If you want a guaranteed publication with clear terms of placement, please choose media that allows direct submission to the editors.

While guest authors typically write the content, sometimes you can provide your own content. Check the conditions of media formats carefully before buying.


The format of an interview involves questions and answers. Although such material is more often devoted to one topic, there can be several topics discussed at the same time also.


A mention occurs when another website refers to your company or links to your website from their own content.

After the purchase, provide a link, anchor text, and a short sentence, if necessary. You can either recommend a URL to embed a mention or let the editor find it for you.

Native Ads

Native ads blend into a website's existing content seamlessly. They match the appearance of editorial content but are labeled as promotions.

Paid News

Paid News provides factual, timely information to the media and public similar to a press release. The difference is a press release targets the press, while Paid News targets all audiences.

Press Release

A press release announces news in a clear, concise format with contact information.

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