PRNEWS.IO is an online store offering sponsored content through online media.

Our catalog provides access to over 90,000 media outlets from more than 200 countries. We work with all types of formats: news, articles, reviews, interviews, press releases, and online surveys.

Each media outlet offered is provided with detailed information that displays the price, audience type, data metrics, terms, and conditions.

Simply choose the appropriate media type (using the provided detailed information), pay via the most convenient payment method, add your text or article and receive a guaranteed window for placement within a given time frame.

Our customers use our platform when they are in need of the following:

  • to promote a company

  • to maintain a good reputation

  • to get better Google search positions

  • to increase sales

  • to deal with negative feedback

Thanks to PRNEWS.IO, any company, regardless of its location or size, can push its content to the news feeds of leading media corporations. We cover news agencies and industry-specific websites or themed blogs that help our customers grow as well as win over their audience.

PRNEWS.IO takes upon itself the responsibility of resolving issues related to financial logistics, translation, and media planning.

There is no more hassle when it comes to searching hundreds of platforms to share your news article or story. In the digital world, anyone can get noticed online with just a few clicks from any place on Earth when using our straightforward platform.

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