PRNEWS.IO guarantees the availability of Brand content and its protection from removal or changes of basic terms of Placement within 1 year.

Removal means disappearance (inaccessibility) of the Website or removal of Brand content from the Website (hereinafter — "Removal").

Changes of basic terms mean:

  • change of the number and/or types of links in Brand content;

  • change of architecture of the Website with the transfer of Brand content to another web address (subdomain)

(hereinafter each of the cases individually or both - "Changes of Basic Terms").

In case of Removal or Changes of Basic Terms, the PRNEWS.IO undertakes to restore the initial state of Brand content within 10 working days, or, if such restoration is not possible, to refund 100% of Placement cost to the Client’s Account Balance.

The Client must notify the PRNEWS.IO about the Removal or Changes of Basic Terms by email at [email protected] If such notification was done during non-working hours or on weekends or holidays, the first subsequent business day is to be considered the date of notification.

If several Changes of Basic Terms appeared simultaneously, the refund will not be multiplied. In any case, the total sum of the refund can not exceed the Placement cost.

In case of refund, the terms of the Guarantee shall be deemed to be fulfilled.

The term of the Guarantee can be extended by paying the commission in the same amount for each consecutive year.

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