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We want to ensure all publishers on our marketplace are legitimate businesses. For this reason, publishers must complete a two-step verification process before being listed in the marketplace and withdrawing earnings.

Step 1: KYC/KYB Verification

The first step is identity verification. You will need to provide details and documentation to confirm your identity or business registration.

Follow the Billing Information section to begin the process...

For Individuals, this is a standard KYC (Know Your Customer) process where you provide details like your name, address, and a government ID. We conduct it through our partner Veriff.

Verify your Billing profile via Veriff

In case of successful verification, your Billing profile status Verification pending will be changed to Enabled. Then you can proceed to the next step of Adding a payment account.

For Businesses, we do manual KYB (Know Your Business) verification.

We accept one of the following documents:

  • Business registration details

  • Tax exemption form

  • CPA financial statement audit

  • Invoice for advertising purchase

  • Registration with a regulatory body.

Our team reviews all documents within the next 24 hours and conducts additional screening as needed. We use this information for identity verification and to ensure your billing profile is accurate for future payouts.

Step 2: Payment Method Verification

The second step involves verifying the payment method you wish to use for withdrawing earnings. We offer Wire transfers or Payoneer.

  • For Wire transfers, please provide a bank statement.

Make sure the issuance date, the bank name, your bank account number, and information on who the account is registered to.

  • For Payoneer, provide a screenshot showing your email, ID, name, and address associated with your account.

Go to your Payoneer account → Settings → Profile Settings → Expand Company details and Business address → Make a screenshot of this information.

Our team manually reviews all payment methods documents. Once approved, your payout method and billing profile cannot be changed without contacting our support team.

The two-step verification process ensures all publishers meet our standards. Reach out to our support team if you have any other questions:

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