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How To Issue Refund For The Ordered Packages/Platforms?
How To Issue Refund For The Ordered Packages/Platforms?
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To return funds to your account balance you need to go to the Transaction History page in your account.

Then choose the paid option that needs to be refunded, and click Refund in the dropdown menu. Previously you need to delete the text that was added to the platform/package that needs to be refunded.

You can request a refund within 90 days after placing your order only. We will refund the money if you purchased publications on the sites where articles were already posted, or if the conditions of the chosen platform no longer fit your requirements. The refund policy is applicable to the mistakenly placed orders that were not completed yet.

Funds will be refunded to your account balance in the currency of the initial payment immediately after your refund request is considered. Funds can be used to pay for the other packages/platforms on our website.

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