The service of attracting highly relevant traffic for articles via push notifications is provided in partnership with The result is ensured by accurate segmentation and algorithms for determining readers' interests. gathers subscribers from the best media platforms in the world. It then determines their interests and preferences and splits them into hundreds of segments in order to offer each customer only the most relevant and effective traffic. This traffic is generated from readers whose interests match the topic of your publication.

Example of pushing on the Windows 7 Platform:

Пример пуша на платформе Windows 7

According to this approach, the average CTR (clickability) is 6-10%, and the average time spent on an article varies between 5-7 minutes. All of this confirms the increased interest from readers. As a result, the effectiveness of the campaign is 3-10 times higher when compared to mass mailings or buying traffic from classic vendors.

Пример результата кампании

A few important non-obvious advantages:

1. A positive image of your product or brand from your loyal readers, as they get the information they are interested in from you. That is, you become a source of interesting and useful information for the potential client.

2. Higher conversion rates into a targeted action compared to classic tools. Thanks to the contact only with those readers who are interested in the subject of your publication.

3. Increased time the reader stays on the article. Having readers interested in the topic of your article gives you the opportunity to deliver more information to your readers and unties your hands in the prospect of turning a reader into a customer.

4. Reduced cost of attracting a lead. Higher rates of targeted actions reduce the cost of your marketing activities aimed at getting a new customer.

If you are not used to paying for empty traffic that does little good, if you care about results and you want your article to be read first by those who were previously interested in the topic, then this service is for you.

As a part of the service you will get:

  1. a personal list of subscribers who are potentially interested in your publication topics;

  2. quick notification of all selected subscribers about your publication via push notifications, which allows you to generate the necessary amount of readers in a few minutes (if you need efficiency);

  3. statistics with the results of the service.

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