We submit press releases to draft for revisions when there are minor mistakes or something needs editing. The reasons may be one or more of the following:

  • The press release is written in the first person or presents the author’s opinion. It is also not allowed to address users using a second-person narrative.

  • The press release headline doesn’t correspond with the content and doesn’t provide the info relating to the news in the text.

  • The press release lead is too descriptive and doesn’t provide info relating to the news in the text.

  • The contact info is missing. Please, include the contact person’s name, company name, phone, email, and address.

  • The text is poorly written and needs to be spell-checked.

  • The text is in all CAPS or includes many words written in capitalized letters.

  • The text is unreadable and not formatted correctly: it is not properly divided between paragraphs, subheadings, lists, etc.

  • The text is written as a general article relating to a company, a person, or a product.

  • The text doesn’t contain any new information relating to an event, a company, a person, or a product.

  • The text is written in an advertisement-style manner promoting a product, describing its benefits, promoting the company’s services, and/or contains call-to-actions and links to products or services.

You’ll get an email notification stating the reason(s) why your text is submitted to draft for revisions. Please correct the stated issues within the text and submit them again.

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