The number of clicks to your website depends on many factors:

  • the traffic of the website on which the text is posted;

  • the quality of the website;

  • the involvement of its audience;

  • the release time of the text;

  • the quality of the article;

  • whether it provokes a click to your website;

  • the competitive trends for breaking news;

  • the performance and response time of your website;

  • the measure of the targeted audience.

According to our observations, quality material on a quality website can bring anywhere from 4% to 7% of the audience to the advertised website on average. Therefore, the more that people engage in reading the article, the more they will end up going to your website.

However, you can use our Traffic Estimator to predict the approximate number of readers.

The Traffic Estimator shows the number of article views that you can get on any website or blog on the web. It even works for websites that hide their view counters from the public.

The calculations obtained by the estimator are based on constantly changing analytical data and are subject to fluctuations.

In fact, content can attract more readers and views if it provokes virality. These include a topic that resonates with the targeted audience, a catchy headline, visual components, etc.

To attract readers, we recommend buying tools from websites that draw the reader’s attention. For example, an announcement on the Homepage, pinning in the feed, a newsletter to the subscribers, or an announcement on social networks. Another great alternative you can use is PRNEWS.IO's reader's attraction service.

PRNEWS.IO cannot guarantee clicks to your website.

Also please read why the data collected may not be reliably accurate.

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