If a buyer is an individual (B2C) outside the EU, we will apply a 0% VAT rate applicable in Estonia.

If a buyer is a legal entity (B2B) outside the EU, we will apply a 0% VAT rate, provided that the consumer of such services is a taxable business entity in his/her home country. To confirm this fact, we occasionally request the appropriate supporting documents (company certificate, tax registration certificate, etc).

VAT for buyers located in the UK

For customers located in the UK, PRNEWS charges Value Added Tax (VAT) on those who purchase services from PRNEWS. A valid GB364276090 tax number and 20% VAT will appear on all invoices and purchases.

If you have a valid UK VAT ID number and are eligible for a tax refund, you can send your PRNEWS invoice to HMRC. If you do not have a VAT identification number, then contact your local tax authorities for claiming these refunds.

VAT for buyers located in Ukraine

For customers in Ukraine PRNEWS works through the commercial representative office of "B2BLOGGER", which is a payer of a single tax without VAT. This means that all customers (both legal entities and individuals) are not subject to VAT.

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