Your online pressroom — is a professional tool for Internet-marketing and PR pros as well as communication agencies. Our service lets you create an online press-center in just a few clicks and handle all of your company’s external communications within one interface.

All media formats in one message

Press release texts distributed via can be supported by graphics, YouTube videos and audio podcasts. These elements improve visualization and positively influence the perception of the news content. We also care about microformats. Micro-level text markup via XHTML enhances interaction between users, web-pages and browsers.

A window on the world broadcasts postings to such news aggregators as Yandex.News and Google News followed by more than 30 million viewers daily. Moreover, news titles get captured by all of the popular monitoring services like NewsIsFree, Interfax SCAN, YouScan, Dow Jones and InfoStream. Professional subscribers like banks, embassies, trade missions, and governmental agencies employees read the above mentioned media on a daily basis.

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